Christmas Joy 1-2-3 Layout

Thank you all so much for the great feedback on the ideas I’ve shared so far. I’m so glad that so many of you liked what you saw and took away some inspiration!

You can probably tell that I’ve been making such good use of my Christmas Joy products lately. So far I’ve shared ideas for a simple Advent Calendar, December Daily Pocket Pages, Cards and a Christmas Layout. Because I’ve still got lots of Stickers, Slide-In Cards, paper scraps and a couple of full sheets of paper left, I figured I had enough to make a few more projects.

One of my favorite ways to get mileage out of a single sheet of paper is to design a 1-2-3 Layout. These are two-page scrapbook spreads that use 1 sheet of double sided patterned paper, 2 sheets of solid cardstock and are created using only 3 cuts! They are fast and easy to make, and make great use of your patterned paper. I also like to make sure there’s room for lots of photos, and this one has space for seven – three horizontal 4×6 photos, three vertical 4×6 photos and one 4 inch square photo.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Let’s Make It:

  • Cut your patterned piece of paper with the 12-inch Straight trimmer as shown on the cutting guide. Make the first cut at 8 inches. Set aside.

  • Make the second cut at 3 inches. Set aside.

  • Make the last cut at 1/2 inch.

  • You should now have four pieces of paper – 8×12, 3×12 and two pieces of 1/2×12.

  • Turn the 3×12 piece and one of the 1/2×12 pieces over to reveal the pattern on the opposite side.

  • Adhere the paper pieces onto the cardstock as shown on the Layout Sketch or the picture below to form the basis of your layout.

  • Arrange and mount photos as shown in Layout Sketch.
  • Add a title, stickers or other embellishments, and journaling to finish off your layout. I used one of the Christmas Joy Slide-In cards as a title, but you can use letter stickers or handwrite a title. I added a couple of Ornament stickers to the care and notched the corners with the Two-Way Corner Rounder so the shape matched the shape on some of the word stickers I chose.


  • For the journal box I simple cut a rectangle from scrap of white cardstock and notched the corners on that as well. I like to pencil in guidelines very lightly, handwrite my journaling and then erase the lines completely. CM’s Dual End Pens are such amazing pens for journaling…they dry quickly and do not smear…not to mention they are photo safe and fade resistant, so your stories will be readable for a long time!

  • Finally I added the Christmas Tree sticker and two word stickers – “Noel” and “Merry” – to finish off the layout. The whole thing came together so quickly and easily…it only took about 15 minutes once I had assembled all the materials and photos. I love designing these layouts so you can save time and get a great look with minimal waste.

If you’d like to see more of these 1-2-3 Layout examples, check out these posts I’ve shared on my blog.

And, I’d love to hear your thoughts…what are some of your tips and tricks for creating super fast layouts? Please feel free to leave a comment below to share!

Happy Scrapping!

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  1. Pinterest has really helped me scrapbook faster. I have found I need ideas to get me started. I don't do well without a starting point. I make notes on each pin with the number of photos. That way I search my pins and then I can pinpoint layouts that will work with those photos/theme.

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