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Welcome to the second stop on the Mother’s Day Blog Hop featuring lots of great ideas from all the Creative Memories Content Contributors!

Today I’ll be sharing a some easy cards that kids can make for their moms or grandmothers using our Creative Memories products and tools, then you can continue along the hop to see some other great projects and layouts – I’ll give you all the links at the end of my post. Don’t forget to end your hop at the Creative Memories blog – leave a comment once you’re there and you could win a great prize!

When I was growing up I remember asking my mom what she wanted for her birthday, Christmas or Mother’s Day. She would always tell that she had everything she needed and would suggest that I make her a card. She saved every card I ever gave her – whether it was handmade or not – and told me she cherished them more than any gift I could have bought for her. As a child I couldn’t understand that, because of course when MY birthday or Christmas came around, I wanted a shiny new toy, not just a silly old card! But now that I’m a mom I totally understand where she was coming from – I, too, LOVE to receive a card with a heartfelt sentiment inside from my children or my husband more than any other gift.

Perhaps that why I love making and sending cards so much – I feel like they mean so much to people – and I encourage my kids to make and send cards too. In my career as a teacher, I’ve also made lots of mothers day cards with my students. Over the years I came to understand that it wasn’t always the fanciest project or card that was most memorable. Rather, it was the ones that were simple and from the heart that left the longest lasting impressions.

So after combing through my teaching files, browsing through Pinterest and thinking about how to adapt ideas using CM tools and products, I came up with four cards that you can help kids make (how much help you’ll need to give them depends on their age and abilities). My own boys had a hand in making them, so even though I helped them out, the final products are still personal and special!

M-O-M You Are My Sunshine Card

You Will Need:

Let’s Make It:

  • Fold card base in half.
  • Punch or cut a 2″ circle the yellow cardstock.Trim or cut several long thin strips of orange (ours were each about .25″ x 2.5″). Adhere the strips behind the circle so they stick out from behind the edges to resemble the rays of the sun. Adhere circle to the centre of card base.
  • Place an “M” sticker on either side of the sun.
  • Write “You are my Sunshine” under the M-O-M, and add a message inside. (My older son has obviously been influenced by the world of texting…I noticed he wrote “U” instead of “You”!)

Flower Bouquet Card

You Will Need:

Let’s Make It:

  • Fold card base in half.
  • Punch several blossoms from the various solid and patterned papers. Draw a circle or spiral in the centre of each and top with an adhesive gem.
  • Draw several curved lines up from the bottom of the card to represent flower stems.
  • Adhere the blossoms over the tops of the stems, overlapping some to form a bouquet.
  • Cut a thin strip of paper and tie it in a knot. Adhere it on top of the stems to form a ribbon that holds the flower bouquet together.
  • Write your choice of sentiment on the outside of the card and a message inside the card.

I Love You Because… Card
Hard: This is the most complicated card for kiddos to do…
they will need some help cutting out the oval petals and/or 
assembling, tracing and writing.

You will need:

Let’s Make It:

  • Fold card base in half.
  • Use the Custom Cutting System and Circle Templates to cut one 1.25″ circle from a solid cardstock and one 1.5″ circle from a contrasting or patterned paper. Mount small circle on top of larger circle to form the centre of the flower. Write “I love you because…” on the solid circle.
  • Use the Customer Cutting System and Oval Templates to cut eight 1 3/8″ x 1 7/8″ ovals from various patterned papers. These will be the petals of the flower. (If you don’t have the CCS and Ovals template, you can freehand draw some petals and have your kiddo cut them out with scissors.) 
  • Arrange and adhere one end of each oval behind the centre circle, then adhere the centre circle to your card base. Do not adhere the petals to the card. 
  • Trace around the edge of the flower so you will have a guide for the writing that will go underneath. Bend each oval up where it meets the circle and write one reason you love mom behind each petal. Fold petal down after you are finished writing.
  • Write a message inside the card as well if you like!
Love You to Pieces Card

You will need:

Let’s Make It:

  • Fold card base in half.
  • Cut a piece of paper to 4″ x 5.25″. Centre and adhere on top of card base. Cut a strip of paper to  1″ x 4.25″. Adhere across first layer of paper, about .25″ up from the bottom of the card.
  • Punch four puzzle pieces from different solid colors. Arrange and adhere above border strip (we interlocked the pieces, but you could also scatter them randomly as if it is a puzzle waiting to be pieced together.)
  • Write “I”, “LOVE” “U 2” “PIECES” on the puzzle pieces, and “Happy Mother’s Day” along the bottom strip. Add a written message inside too if you like!

I hope these ideas inspire you to make some cards with your kids, or at least to let them use some of your supplies! If so, I’d love to hear about it! Post a comment below with a link to your creations or post a photo on my Organized and Creative Mom Facebook page!

But before you stop to make some cards with your kiddos, make sure you hop on by the rest of the stops in our Mother’s Day Blog Hop…there’s lots more to see! Next up is Sarah’s blog, and here’s a list of all the stops to make sure you don’t miss any!

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Have fun and Happy Mother’s Day!

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