NSD Giveaway!

May is National Scrapbooking Month and the first Saturday of May is widely recognized and celebrated as (Inter) National Scrapbooking Day! So Happy NSD! Officially I will be celebrating it on May 23rd with a bunch of other CM consultants and our great customers, but there is lots of excitement in online scrapbooking communities and websites, so make sure to surf around a little!

I even have a little NSD giveaway to offer! All you have to do is tell us WHY YOU LOVE SCRAPBOOKING in the comments section below. You have until tomorrow evening (Sunday May 3) at 10:00 pm. Good luck!

Even though I am not holding or attending any NSD events I definitely will be scrapping today as I am participating in Lain Ehmann’s LOAD (LayOut A Day) challenge for the entire month of May! I am already planning today’s layout in my head and I have a list of other layouts I want to prepare page kits for to make some of those crazy days ahead a little easier! Here was yesterday’s LO…the first of 31!

“I Can Create!” 12 x 12 Digital LO by Noreen Smith. Storybook Creator Plus Software and Elementary School Digital Kit by CM. Scrapkids and Arial fonts.

This was a quick and easy digital layout I did up at about 10:00 pm last night (a definite advantage of digital is the speed which you can put a simple layout together and get it posted online!) The journaling reads: “You love to create, and I love seeing you have fun with paint, crayons, scissors and glue! You are proud of everything you make and you love to see it hung on the fridge for everyone to see. A budding artist? Perhaps. Go ahead and express yourself any way you like, my little Picasso!” This layout will definitely be going in our “Things We Do” album to celebrate creativity!

I may not get around to posting every day’s layout on the old blog here, but you can click on the blinkie on the sidebar to see all up to date layouts. I have high hopes of getting lots accomplished this month, so wish me luck!

Happy Scrapping and Happy NSD!


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