SYSSS – Week 3 – Squares or Diamonds?

Welcome to Week 3 of our Scrap-Your-Stash Summer Saturdays! Thanks to all who played along last week and uploaded Red, White & Blue layouts to the album on the facebook page. There were some awesome layouts shared! If you’re just joining us, this is how it works: Each Saturday until September 8th I’ll provide you with the theme of the week and a checklist of supplies. You’ll “shop” your supply stash and choose the items and photos that you want to use.

The checklist will be specific to the TYPE of items you’ll need, but you’ll have total flexibility as to the ACTUAL item you choose to use. For example, the checklist might say “floral paper, cardstock, flower embellishments”, but you can choose the color & style of the floral paper, the color of cardstock to coordinate with it and whether you want to use die-cuts, stickers, or punched flower embellishments.

Substitutions are encouraged: if you don’t have or don’t like a suggested item in your stash, switch it up for something you do have/like. For example if you absolutely hate floral papers, sub in a striped or other patterned paper, cardstock to coordinate and some geometric embellishments. It’s totally up to you! All that’s left to do once you’ve chosen your items is to create and share!
(Note: feel free to use ANY brand of supplies – you do not need to use Creative Memories…although that’s probably what you’ll see in my layouts ha ha!)
Ready for week 3? OK!

If you live in Canada, the UK or New Zealand you might remember this commercial for a brand of cereal known as Shreddies. If you don’t, take a quick look…

Yes, that was a real commercial and although it seems like such a silly premise, it made a good point about how our perspective can change with just one little shift…in this case turning a square on it’s end to produce a diamond shape! (If you’re interested, there is a great TED Talk by Rory Sutherland who analyzed this perspective shift in a very serious way!)

For us scrappers, squares are such an easy, basic shape to work with and they are a great way to use up our scraps. But turn them on their end, and they are even more dynamic! And it’s quite interesting that a square turned on it’s end looks larger…case in point: the two squares in this weeks logo image at the top of this post are both exactly the same size, but the diamond looks waaaaay bigger! What a cool trick of the eye! Take a look at the layouts I’ve gathered for us as inspiration on this weeks Pinterest board and you’ll see this phenomenon in action. Cool, eh? So…let’s play with the humble square this week and turn it into a gem!

Here’s the Supply List for this week:

– Patterned paper scraps…you may want to find a cohesive color scheme or you may want to go with the flow and simply pull scraps in every color!

– Square punches in any size(s) OR…
– Straight trimmer to cut squares/diamonds
– White or black cardstock or album page for base (this will help unify the disparate colors and patterns)
– Small basic embellishments that will work with the colors/patterns you chose (ie: small gems, pearls, brads, buttons etc) OR…

– Small punches that you can use to create coordinating embellishments (hearts, stars, circles etc)
– Any other supplies you want to add once your layout starts to take shape

Here are some of the supplies I’m planning on using this week…

…and these are my scrap drawers. They are often the first place I go when I start a layout like this! Any scrap pieces leftover from projects that can be used in another way get stored here in the drawers sorted by general colors!

Once you’ve had a look at the pinterest board and picked out your scraps, go to town with your squares or diamonds to create a layout – single or double page – your choice! Snap a photo of it and upload it to the OCM Facebook Page in the Week 3 Album (follow the link or choose “Photos” from the left hand sidebar on the main page, click on the Week 3 image, and then click on “Add Photos”…or simply add a comment with a photo.)

You can post it anytime, but those that are posted in the album by next Friday night will have a chance at our next prize!
I’ll share my take on this theme on the facebook page tomorrow!

Happy scrapping!

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